Vintage Apartment Rentals in Lawrence Kansas
Schneider Family Rentals

Application Information

Applications Fees:  (1.) If you can be in Lawrence, KS to sign the Rental Agreement; then, the Application Fee is $30 per applicant, due with application, with a check, money order, or cash in a sealed envelope made out to Lois or Michelle Schneider

(2.) If the Rental Agreement will need to be mailed to you for signing; then, the Application Fee is $100 per applicant due with application to be paid by money order, only    NOTE: Checks will not be accepted.

If the applicant qualifies and completes a rental agreement, EXCEPT FOR $10, all of the applicant’s application fee will be credited to the dwelling unit’s Security Deposit.

If the applicant is rejected, all of their application fee will be forfeit.

If the applicant is accepted, but does not complete a Rental Agreement, the Application Fee is forfeited.

If an applicant changes their mind their application fee is forfeited.  Once applicants are qualified, they are notified, and it is expected that Rental Agreements will be signed within 24 hours.

If the applicant’s application information is not sufficient, and he/she refuses to, within one working day, provide the information we request; then, the application will be rejected and the full/total application fee shall be forfeit.

We work on a first come first serve basis.  The first person to apply, and qualify for an apartment gets first opportunity to sign a rental agreement.  If someone “beat you to the punch” for the apartment you desire this is the only circumstance in which we will refund an application fee.

Financial Requirement: Each applicant must either earn 4x’s the entire rent (for the unit) in income from retirement, disability, and/or permanent employment, or applicant must have a Guarantor, who lives in the United States, and owns real estate in the United States. We must be able to verify that the Guarantor owns the property through the county where the real estate is located.  All applicants must qualify on their own/ independent of co-applicants (no applicant may share a Guarantor). 

Pets:  Pet deposits are equal to half a month’s rent, due when Rental Agreement is signed. Cats are accepted in all, but basement units. Cats must be at least six months old, cats neutered/spayed. Pet rent for cats is $18 per month per cat. Dogs are only allowed in a few select units. Dog owners must provide proof that dogs are at least two years old, under 40 pounds, and neutered/spayed. Pet rent for dogs is $30 per month per dog. The maximum number of pets per unit is 2. Pets can be added during the course of the tenancy. No snakes, rats, mice, ferrets or monkeys.